Line Marking Fluid

Gone are the days of lime, chalk and value emulsion to mark sports pitches.  Technology has moved on and a full range of line marking paints, in many colours, are available for any machine and to fit any budget.  Whether you are a single pitch professional club through to a contractor marking 75 pitches a week Regal Expoline Ltd has a solution.


Three concentrates in White, Blue, Red, Yellow & Green*

Two Ready to Go Paints including EcoMark (that allows you to overmark a pitch with less than 2.5 litres) - also available in multiple colours.

*Bespoke Colours can be made to order— Purple, Black, etc


We also supply line marking sprayers and transfer wheel machines.

Line Marking Kits: 100m tape, Stakes, Nylon string on a spool, Acrylic spray paint.

Other products include multi colour acrylic paint, cleaning fluid, sprayer nozzles, goal post paint, etc.